the nap that just won’t die

it’s like the beast that haunts you and just won’t let go. i swear, we’ve been dealing with nap issues ever since the boys were…well…born. we’ve been through all the developmental nap schedules, dropping naps, fighting naps, pooping during naps, etc. year 2-3.5 was actually pretty blissful and the boys napped consistently, a solid 1.5 hour break in the day for ALL of us. now at age 4.5 i’m ready for them to be done with the nap. but it refuses to just go away.

the phase we are in now consists of 2 days on 5 days off. on big days when there’s tennis lessons, swimming and play dates, they conk out for a good chunk of the afternoon. typically we have to wake them up around 4:30pm or else they’d be up all night. there is nothing i can do to stop them from falling asleep. they will sleep as soon as they get in the car from after all our activities and remain knocked out. or they will demand to go to bed in their room. no amount of prodding will keep them awake. let’s just say bed time is not the easiest on these days.

Not even 5 minutes after a play date at the water fountains. There is no waking Oz.

the other 5 days they are wired all day and refuse to take a nap. they have quiet time (HA!) for about 1.5 hours on those days and end up playing with each other until one ends up getting pinched or hit or kicked or bit (it always ends like this – i think they’re just sick of each other by then), and i have to intervene. these days, there’s no amount of prodding, incentives or bargaining to get them to take a nap, even though i want the peace and quiet. bed time is MUCH better on these days.

i feel like we’re in a lose-lose situation here. love the nap days, hate the bed time. need the peace and quiet on non-nap days, but bed time is easy breezy. maybe by age 5 they’ll finally be done with this beast for good and we can move on with our lives?

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3 Responses to the nap that just won’t die

  1. cynthia says:

    I think I could have written this post word for word about Aaron and Brady. The only edit would be that they are 4 not 4.5. Otherwise, pretty much exactly what we are dealing with right now! Hang in there, it MUST get better 🙂

  2. LauraC says:

    SAME THING for us. Except they are 5 and we are still in nap hell. The problem is that we don’t get to control naps 5 days of the week, day care does. #1 reason I am ready for kindergarten!!!

  3. Ugh, we’re in that catch-22, as well. Some days they need the nap or they’re totally fried by early evening. But if they DO nap, then we get a constant stream of visits and requests long after bedtime. It’s a mess. And Rebecca still takes it and needs it more than Daniel, so there’s another issue. The only saving grace is that they’re in separate rooms and do a reasonable job of staying quiet during quiet time if they don’t sleep. But still…

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