are my kids psychic?

so maybe it’s coincidence or dumb luck, who knows. but this is the second time it’s happened and i’m beginning to get suspicious.

the first time this happened was with tornadoes. last spring the boys became obsessed (to put it mildly) with tornadoes. they wanted to know everything about them. what they looked like, how they worked, what caused them, what to do if ever around a tornado (yes, i’m sad to say they can tell you exactly where to go if inside (basement, bath tub or windowless interior room), outside (in a ditch), but haven’t learned 911 yet. we’re working on it. we watched tornadoes on YouTube more times than i care to count. tornadoes where our daily conversation. and then, about a 2 weeks later, there was really a reason to be talking about tornadoes. crazy activity and massive devastation, i’m sure you remember. i joked that the boys were more effective meteorologists than those on our local news!

well, it happened again.

on tuesday my kids randomly found my old battleship set (yes, the original red and blue plastic set!). they insisted on playing with it. all day. i thought it was pretty cool my 4.5 year olds actually followed the rules and earnestly played 1.5 games (you know how that goes). with a little coaching, they even started to get the strategy behind it. so what’s so psychic about this, you might be thinking?

i didn’t think much of it either until jordan came home and said the trailer for battleship, yes the movie, had been released that day. the same freaking day. not sure the benefit of this advance information, unless you’re a junkie for questionable action thrillers based on 1970s strategy games!

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