Two Boys and a Girl


I wonder how many times this will happen. Twin brothers have crush on same girl. It was all cute and harmless when it was Dora. And then Madeline. And then another little girl in Madeline, Alec, who looks like a blonde, fair-skinned version of Dora (with the same “pointy” bobbed hair on the sides, as Abel will acutely point out). Fantasy crushes on the same lil’ chica is no big deal. But now it’s the real deal. And her name is Caroline.

I can’t say I blame them. She’s as cute as a button. She’s sweet and a little shy. She totally rocks the monkey bars. And she has the all-important bob hairstyle that seems to be the common denominator in their prior infatuations. She has them completely wrapped around her little finger.

They all take tennis lessons together and then they play for a good hour at the playground. It’s all, “Caroline, look at me! Caroline, let’s go on the swings! Caroline, hold hands with me down the double slide!” Oz acts like a total goofball most of the time, trying to get her attention and make her laugh. He makes funny noises and pretends to fall down, etc. Abel is more communicative and attentive. He takes her hand and asks what she’d like to do. Play airplane or go for a ride on the play-Jeep? She seems to eat it up as they follow her around like puppy dogs.


The boys start their new Montessori next week (more on that exciting development later), and I’m hoping that in separate classes, they’ll finally forge relationships and friends that are their very own. Because lord knows, we don’t want to be dealing with the two boys/one girl crush for much longer (although I have bizarre high school flash-forwards that I fear may be inevitable).

Lastly, why does it seem like I’m the only mother with 4.5 year old boys crushing hard on girls? I thought I had some time on this one. Please tell me some of y’all are dealing with this, too!

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One Response to Two Boys and a Girl

  1. Hey, at least they have good taste, right? She’s adorable! 🙂

    I don’t get the crushing-on-girls thing from Daniel. Both of my kids are just plain enamored of older kids, and Becca will take the hand of any same-aged or younger girl she finds on the playground.

    Can’t wait to hear about the new school! Go, Montessori!

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