S is for Scorching Summer Swimmers

It is literally an inferno here. Today was, I believe, the 74th consecutive day of triple digits. Sunday was 112. Today was 107. And there is no end in sight.

Thankfully, we were able to escape the heat for a good 10 days this month. Where did we go? The beautiful and mild Midwestern metropolis of Chicago! We had UNBELIEVABLE weather. Almost every day was no hotter than 80. There were nice breezes. Not a cloud in the sky.

It was heaven.

And the boys got to show off their newly acquired swimming skills. Because it has been so flipping hot here, we have literally been at the pool 3-4 times a week. It has been a matter of survival. Add to that once a week, 30 minutes a pop, swimming lessons with Mr. Gus. Honestly, if you would have told me my kids could be doing this at the beginning of the summer, I’d have busted my gut laughing. Both kids would barely let us wash their hair in the bathtub, let alone swim with their faces in the water. I thought we had a long haul in the learning to swim department, but man did they turn a fast corner! Only after 3 lessons, Abel was making huge strides. Oz wasn’t far behind. After the seventh lesson, something just clicked for both of them. And when it clicked, there was no stopping them! They gleefully packed their swimsuits and goggles hoping to show lee-lee and papa how they could swim like the big boys, and they did not disappoint. Witness our bonafide swimmers:

P.S. It was about 82 degrees this day and the boys were COLD. HA!

P.S.S. Don’t worry, a full recap of our vacay with plenty o’ photos is coming your way soon.

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One Response to S is for Scorching Summer Swimmers

  1. Lee-Lee (Grandma) says:

    …and Lee-Lee and Papa Rick were so proud of them!

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