The Name Game – The Preschool Gender Edition

Names are keeping us really entertained these days. Every night at dinner, the boys tell us about their school day and all the friends they played with. Having the boys in separate classrooms, we really hear an earful about all the kids in their classes. After several weeks of making horribly wrong assumptions about the gender identities of these kids after hearing their names, we now ask if said child is a boy or girl before further discussion.

Either we are horribly behind the times, or parents these days are really pushing the boundaries. Maybe it’s a little bit of both, but here’s a little quiz to test where you fall on the spectrum.

1. Emmerson
2. Dylan
3. June
4. Zoe
5. Finley

I realize many of these are unisex, but I honestly can’t believe that we failed to correctly identify the gender of ANY of these kids, based on their names. Which in the grand scheme of things, maybe is a good thing!

So…how’d you do?

Answers: 1. Girl 2. Girl 3. Boy 4. Boy 5. Girl

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2 Responses to The Name Game – The Preschool Gender Edition

  1. Lee-Lee (Grandma) says:

    I got ZERO right! Am I out of it or what??

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