8 months

That’s how long it’s been since I’ve blogged on here. 8 freaking months. It’s been on my mind. What am I going to do with this place? Ditch it? Reclaim it? Reinvent it? There have been so many other priorities during this time, I just couldn’t even go there.

Today something happened. Actually two things.

The first was on the school drop-off trek. Oskar asked, “What ever happened to that book you were making about Abel and Oskar as babies?” Yah, that book. The first year blog book. Never mind that I’ve procrastinated that one to death. At least I have a complete account of their first year on the blog! The guilt hit me like a ton of bricks. I have virtually nothing on their 4th and 5th years. Turning five. Starting to read. The caterpillar obsession. Going down a water slide for the first time. Catching their first fish. Then the regret hit me like a second ton of bricks.

Because the universe is amazing, my second sign was a post from my friend Laura. I admire Laura for so many reasons, too many to list here. One of them is her commitment to her blog. She writes 5 days a week. I love how she keeps it simple, concise, a few (always gorgeous) photos, and totally real. But today she was questioning whether or not she should go on as a blogger. I gasped! How could she not go on?

How could I not go on?

So thanks, universe, for getting my ass in gear. For helping me recommit to this place. I want to do this for my boys, so they can have a little glimpse of their (our) lives through my eyes. I want to do this for myself, so I can have an outlet, along with lots of memories to come back to.

Oh, and that first time down the water slide? Well, thank god for the iphone.

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