Abel’s Reign of Blood

I’m not kidding. Abel has had more crazy blood incidents in 2012 than we know what to do with.

First incident in January – the boys were bouldering near our house. Jordan and I turned around for 5 seconds and Abel flipped over backwards and wedged is head between two rocks. We were lucky the damage was only a few deep cuts on the back of his head, resulting in LOTS of blood. No stitches necessary, but he got to sport a cool gauze headband for a few days. They also got to watch the original Star Wars for the first time (milestone!).

Abel on the boulder prior to the accident

Second incident in February – the dreaded cheese grater. Totally sliced his thumb. Deep! Copious blood accompanied by copious screaming. He won’t go near a cheese grater now. It’s like it’s a weapon or something.

Third incident in March – Sliced the bottom of his foot open at the beach. We don’t know if he stepped on glass or a shard root or what. So much blood.

Fourth incident in April – Running around the house like a mad man and slipped on a piece of paper left on the floor by Oskar. Biffed his face on the floor, teeth went into his bottom lip and split it wide open. Blood everywhere.

Fifth incident two nights ago – Running around the house like a mad man again, collided with Oskar and smashed his nose into Oz’s head. I don’t think he broke his nose but the blood, oh the blood. It was a total gusher.

Thank god Jordan has a lot of experience with bloody noses and split lips with all his jiu jitsu and wrestling, because he knows just what to do. Thank god I’m not squeamish when it comes to this. And thank god that Oskar is immune to these types of injuries so far, because that’s about enough blood for me!

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