Meet Ruby, the newest addition to the Silverman family. We found her at the shelter and couldn’t resist her sweet, affectionate nature. The kisses. Oh, the kisses! Here she is giving Oskar a bath after he had just gotten out of the bath.

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4 Responses to Ruby

  1. Papa Rick says:

    That was a licking that kept on ticking.

  2. nancy goldman says:

    Ruby is a kissing machine!!!!!!!

  3. Lee-Lee (Grandma) says:

    Another “lover” added to the Silverman household!

  4. Betsy Mosier says:

    Is Ruby an indoor or outdoor cat ? If she goes out be sure to watch out for her ears ~
    white cats don’t have enough fur on their ears to protect the skin so they need sunscreen
    on their ears. We had an outdoor white cat that got skin cancer on both ears and it isn’t
    good ! Betsy ( Libby’s mom ~ from the Warrior Dash )

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