Bye Bye Tooth

IMG_7071Abel lost his first tooth! It happened on the afternoon of Sunday, January 12. Just a few weeks before his 7th birthday. He was determined to get this tooth out. He wiggled it for weeks and weeks like it was his one and only job. Friday he asked me to pull it out, but it wasn’t quite ready. Saturday was the same story. But Sunday, the tooth was hanging on my a thread (or a disintegrating root). I grabbed a thin kitchen towel and pulled gently a few times. Nothing. We decided to try one more time and I put a bit more force into it. Out it came! Abel didn’t feel it at first, but when I told him it was out and then showed him the tooth, he started freaking out. Crying and running to the bathroom, he looked in the mirror and was a little hysterical by the hole where his tooth once was. Within a few minutes he was ecstatic and called all his grandparents, cousin David, and anyone else he could think of. He had big news to share!

Oskar was truly excited about his brother losing a tooth and helped Abel find a small pouch to store the tooth in anticipation of the Tooth Fairy. A few times he got sad and said, “When is my tooth going to fall out?” The next morning, the boys awoke and Abel found $2 under his pillow. They came running upstairs to tell us. Abel said, “I gave Oskar one of the dollars, so we each have one.”

Jordan and I almost burst into tears. The kindness and love these boys share is something else.

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2 Responses to Bye Bye Tooth

  1. Lee-Lee says:

    The love and kindness between our twin grandsons leaves our hearts with such tenderness and joy. We are truly grateful for this wonderful gift that was given to us!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Hey, I have a question I wanted to ask you regarding your blog. If you could send me an email when you get this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

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