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Bye Bye Tooth

Abel lost his first tooth! It happened on the afternoon of Sunday, January 12. Just a few weeks before his 7th birthday. He was determined to get this tooth out. He wiggled it for weeks and weeks like it was … Continue reading

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Meet Ruby, the newest addition to the Silverman family. We found her at the shelter and couldn’t resist her sweet, affectionate nature. The kisses. Oh, the kisses! Here she is giving Oskar a bath after he had just gotten out … Continue reading

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Abel’s Reign of Blood

I’m not kidding. Abel has had more crazy blood incidents in 2012 than we know what to do with. First incident in January – the boys were bouldering near our house. Jordan and I turned around for 5 seconds and … Continue reading

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Full Moon Philosophies: Part Two

Tonight is the Supermoon and it’s really had me thinking. The boys have been pretty nutty around these parts. Emotional is an understatement. Crying on a dime. Getting all up in each other’s space. Talking about what their hearts and … Continue reading

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Where to begin?

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. It’s a little daunting to jump back in the game, but I think the best place to start is to answer the question, “where the heck have I been?!” My hiatus … Continue reading

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