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Bye Bye Tooth

Abel lost his first tooth! It happened on the afternoon of Sunday, January 12. Just a few weeks before his 7th birthday. He was determined to get this tooth out. He wiggled it for weeks and weeks like it was … Continue reading

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Full Moon Philosophies: Part Two

Tonight is the Supermoon and it’s really had me thinking. The boys have been pretty nutty around these parts. Emotional is an understatement. Crying on a dime. Getting all up in each other’s space. Talking about what their hearts and … Continue reading

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Two Boys and a Girl

I wonder how many times this will happen. Twin brothers have crush on same girl. It was all cute and harmless when it was Dora. And then Madeline. And then another little girl in Madeline, Alec, who looks like a … Continue reading

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the nap that just won’t die

it’s like the beast that haunts you and just won’t let go. i swear, we’ve been dealing with nap issues ever since the boys were…well…born. we’ve been through all the developmental nap schedules, dropping naps, fighting naps, pooping during naps, … Continue reading

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match point

in the spirit of wimbledon finals’ weekend, its only appropriate for me to announce the boys’ latest obsession: TENNIS! i grew up in a tennis family. both my parents have been playing forever (and still, at 77 and 66, play … Continue reading

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