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Full Moon Philosophies: Part Two

Tonight is the Supermoon and it’s really had me thinking. The boys have been pretty nutty around these parts. Emotional is an understatement. Crying on a dime. Getting all up in each other’s space. Talking about what their hearts and … Continue reading

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Where to begin?

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. It’s a little daunting to jump back in the game, but I think the best place to start is to answer the question, “where the heck have I been?!” My hiatus … Continue reading

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priced to sell

i’m the first to admit, we haven’t had much luck selling homes in the past. we tried to cash out of our first house we were renting out right after the boys were born and about two weeks before the … Continue reading

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Locks of Love, I have something coming your way! I chickened out last haircut (pathetically, almost 5 months ago), but this time I was ready. It’s spring! My hair is getting caught in everything! I can hardly brush through it … Continue reading

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two loads deep with two waiting in the wings, our dryer decided to call it quits. actually, it’s just the heating element, but at 1.5 years old and outside the standard warranty, how frustrating is that?! they just don’t make … Continue reading

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